Saturday, November 09, 2013

Checking In

Just wanted to shout out an update for those who were wondering, although it will be read by more who were not.  My posts have been infrequent for a reason.  It's not necessarily a bad reason, it's basically that life has been in the way.  Yeah, I've been that busy.  Work hours peaked awhile back, just in time as my water heater broke down, same time that a car repair was needed.  Financially it was one step forwards and two back. 

The work hours are now back down to the norm.  I've started some work about the house as the last post mentioned, but need to do a lot more catch up around here.  The house needs a deep clean, revamp, and reorganization.  I attend some group meetings, and I'm often doing addition things that spin off of that.  Family and friends...remember me?  I hope to see a lot more of you.

I want to clear the deck so to speak and get myself set up to tackle several new projects.  Problem is I need to also take care of some older uncompleted ones.  Everyday life just keeps on tackling me repeatedly.  Looks like my immediate future will be full of yak shaving. 
After this post is published.  I'll be continuing by looking at my email.  While reading I'll have some music on, and enjoying a coffee.


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