Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Driveway Tour

Used to be I sometimes felt embarrassed over the condition of my yard. While the average American boy next door always has the time to neatly manicure his grass and keep decorative touches in good shape around his house. My lawn's appearance is often comparable to someone with a Mohawk style hair cut, one area neat and trim with a nearby strip jutting skyward. Overall, my yard's look has improved, but then there's the driveway.

My drive way as of late disgusts me. That's right. Why? Well my cat is apparently mighty hunter. Used to be that he'd leave a dead mouse "for me" every other day. Now I've been averaging about two a day. Problem is I ALWAYS have to be on the look out for them, as they will get run over by cars otherwise (yuck). Seems like I always over look one or two as of late, never mind the fact that I'm not always around during convenient times to "pick up".

This morning I discovered something else out there. I had bright red berries all over the foot of the driveway. I realize that they are from my nearby forsythia bush, that only this year started producing them. But I wonder what creature had the motivation to drag them over there.

Life's mysteries.


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