Thursday, January 01, 2015

iTunes Answer

Found a solution to my iTunes Problem

 I searched through several online forums trying to find how to fix my iTunes issue (see my last blog post for details).  Some described my issue but none of their solutions were able to work for me.  I played around with my personal iTunes setting and found a solution:

 I found that each individual podcast can have different settings from the others.  Some how, that podcast's settings were different from the others so I needed to change it. 
 I highlighted the podcast's top line on the list, the line that shows the podcast name which is above the listing of any individual shows. 
 After highlighting, I clicked the "settings" button on the lower right of my screen.
 Saw the "Limit Episodes" option was set to "2 most recent".  Changed "Limit Episodes" to "Off"

 Everything seems to work fine now.


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