Sunday, June 28, 2015

Timber !

A tree falling in my yard meant for even more things to do

Sometimes things get busy.  Maybe just a little too busy when I need to
have it pointed out to me that a tree fell down in my back yard.  We had a
heavy, windy, rainstorm the other day with tornado watches not too far away. 
I guess that is when it happened.  I've called it the wild apple tree. Not
really being well versed as to what the tree was formally called.  Crab
apple? Something else?  It would produce notable bright flowers in the

The tree was laden with small fruits.  This with the winds and rain must
have been too much for it.

I went out and started trimming away at some of the fallen branches and a
neighbor asked if I'd like for him to bring his chainsaw over and give a hand. 
I was elated!  He was back in minutes and cutaway at all the thicker parts of the tree.

I was happy to continue cutting away at the thinner branches of my now
drastically reduced work load.  A family member came and helped me haul all
of the cut branches into piles.


Another family member plans to help me haul the stuff away.  The nice thing
is that he has a friend that will use the thicker pieces for firewood.

I feel blessed to have such good family and neighbors.

And now for the final questions:  If this tree did in fact fall down and no one was
there to hear it did it make a noise?  If Berkeley were around would we
hear him groan?*

*due to my awful attempt at humor


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