Friday, July 03, 2015

Tiger-eye Project

Hoping to determine the approximate value of two pieces of tiger-eye.

Tiger-eye, tigereye, and tiger's eye are three of the variant spellings I've seen for this well know material.  Some time ago my father bought me two pieces of tiger-eye.  I'm wondering of anyone would have a reasonable guess as to their value separately or together.  Please also note that I am NOT looking to sell them, as they were a gift from my dad.

The first piece is approximately 12x7x2.5 cm.  It's rather hard to describe the dimensions of these pieces accurately due to their angles.  This piece weighs about 545 grams:
Tiger-eye - MIN00093
The second piece measures about 11/7/3 cm and weighs about 538 grams:

Tiger-eye - MIN00094
Below is a picture of both to see them from a different perspective.
Tiger-eye - MIN00095
Your comments are appreciated.


At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I saw at Quartzsite this past January, thin stuff 2-3 cm was going for $4-5 a pound, but pieces were smaller area wise than yours. Either Western Woods or Village Originals had it for $4.00 a pound. You can probably Google the Village Originals site and download their catalog of rock prices,


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