Saturday, November 07, 2015


A recap of raking the lawn

My yard is one that requires minimal raking to maintain the look it's had.  Typically, I don't rake at all.  The plants seemed to be different this year in a lot of ways.  Of course, now that I bring it up, I doubt that I can recall most of these ways, but do recall the gay feather seemed dormant just to have one shoot come up and it did not develop much this year.  Then there was the 'wild apple tree' that fell down.  There were several large tree branches that also came down on separate occasions.  The apple tree just did not look right this year.  It seemed overwhelmed by its fruit, the branches reminding me of a weeping willow.

This year, there were more leaves than ever.  Granted it did not rival any of the neighbors, but it was far more than I've been accustomed to.  The front yard looks much the same as any year, but the density of fallen leaves increased as you went further back.  "Smokey's stone" was totally covered.

The breeze was fragrant, and carried the scent of leaves and apples while I passed the rake.  Exposure of a small patch of grass yielded a bit  of a surprise.  There were some dainty looking mushrooms: 

Mushrooms - YD00168 
 View from the grass

Mushrooms - YD00170
View of the tops, looking down on them
 Mushrooms - YD00172
One on left is upside down

I filled two trash with compacted down leaves.  The yard is far from clear, but since more leaves will fall, the rest will wait for now.


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