Sunday, January 02, 2005

Big Store Syndrome

All I want is a trash can. Perhaps I am just too darn spoiled as I want what I think is a very common thing. I am fond of the Rubbermaid (am I allowed to say Rubbermaid on the internet) trash can. Not a rectangular box, but a "can" shaped (cylindrical)can. I would think it's a fairly basic item and I have bought them before. I don't really care what color it is either.

I went to the local 'big store'(see Nov 15th post) and was rather surprised to see that they had only two outdoor trash cans in the entire store. They were larger than I really wanted and had wheels on the (for me not only unnecessary as far as use, but an extra expense for what may also eventually break or clog. Funny thing is above these big square trash cans were an ample supply of 'extra' trash can lids that would not fit these square cans, but rather the round cans that I was seeking. Lids and no cans. Nice.

I ran over to their competitor. They are obviously hurt by the first store I was in. Customers were lacking and I see the shelves not fully stocked. I found a large wall in their outdoor section filled with trash cans there. A small group of them were similar to the rectangular cans I found at the first store. The remaining trash cans were similar, but much larger.

I left the second store still with no trash can. I guess these large stores buy bulk to lower prices against their competitors. The fact that they do this large bulk buying means they may offer limited consumer choices and try to run the one product out before buying bulk again. All I know is it seemed that such an easy item to get, and on two attempts I could not locate it. I will try some home supply store next but not today.