Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sign of the Times

Further demonstrating how parts of our society are in moral decay, today I passed a road sign that said "No Littering". Huh? Like, er if I drive a mile down the road will a sign say "Littering Allowed"?

I understand that the area where the no littering sign was probably suffered from an exorbitant amount of littering in the past, but the mere fact that such a sign exists brings several thoughts to mind:

1. If rules are not specifically spelled out and defined, does our government expect poor behavior will occur?
2. My taxes are used to pick up garbage that other people throw out onto the streets.
3. My taxes are used to produce, install and maintain signs to tell people not to do things that they should not do wether there is a sign or not.
4. I wonder how many people drive down the road and say 'oh time to throw my trash out the window' and then just in time see the sign and think, 'oh, I'm not supposed to throw my trash onto the
5. If I drive along a road without a no littering sign, is it proper to litter there?
6. Are simply ANY activities (illegal, immoral) allowed if there is no sign posted stating otherwise?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just Sit Right Back


My postings are sparse. The last posting was about the passing of a television celebrity. Today? Well, about a week has already gone by, but the passing of Bob Denver has indeed brought my mind back to the Gilligan's Isle Television Series. In case you did not know, it was a comedy about seven people stranded on a pacific island. The characters came from different walks of life, and in some ways may have told us a few things about our selves that we often would simply not admit to, and then perhaps get us to laugh about it.

I know that they have been on my mind when while having dinner with my family, I go to tell a story about Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, but the only name that I seem to be able to spit out is Ginger...Grant


I read a short news story brought some things to mind and I also found a few trivia tid bits that I never knew (or simply didn't remember):

1. I never heard Gilligan's last name
2. The Skipper's name was Jonas Grumby. Isn't that a trivial pursuit question?
3. The professor's name was Roy Hinkley Jr
4. Mary Ann's last name was Summers

I'm suddenly very nostalgic.
Can you pass me the coconut cream pie?