Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Day Behind

Friday was one of those days when I just couldn't get ahead of things.

Getting home, I was greeted with an astronomical propane bill. What's up with that? I did say astronomical. I'm not talking Proxima Centauri, more like the Eta Carinae. I mean the bill was WAY out there, far beyond my expectations more than . Made some calls to family, to try and get some info. That alone took quite some time and was rather unproductive. I'll need to follow up on it on Monday.

Then there was a phone message from American Express saying I need to contact them. I've gotten these before. I had gotten these computer generated calls on a regular basis before, that weren't mine. A while back I spoke to someone who told me that I'd be removed from this call list. The calls have now started again, so I called them Friday and again they say they will remove my number.

Barely had time to finish eating, and a friend calls. He's got a lot of problems going on, and so shares with me. I give him my thoughts on ways to try and find solutions. I then share what my past few days have been like. He then goes back to his issues, ranting. It winds up being a terribly long phone call. By now much of the evening is gone.

I'm behind on a whole list of things I need to do. I've fallen behind, not through my own doing, but other matters, family and what not, taking precedent over my time that just left me unable to have the extra time to do these other things.

Today, I've finally found some breathing space. I can start to catch up, finally doing some of the things I need to do for myself. I'll take it slow and easy, and get things done as I can. Yay.