Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fighting Evolution

Yesterday, I decided it was time to battle the ivy that I recently noticed to be climbing up the side of my house. It was covering quite a bit of area and was already reaching a height of about ten feet. I thought that all I'd have to do was give it a quick tug and that it would all come tumbling down.

My house has vinyl siding, which is relatively smooth. What I didn't expect was that the ivy had a myriad of tiny branches, each sporting something resembling a suction cup. It was like battling 65 million years of evolution. The ivy did indeed come down, although hundred of those tiny suction cups remain stuck up there, along with a few branched up high beyond my reach, until I get my ladder out, so I consider my mission a success.

I next proceeded to cut down a few small trees that sprouted up near the house during the course of this year. I then planned to do more, but took a quick break, and as I did family came over to visit, immediately taking priority.

It was a good and productive day. Shortly after my work, I could feel a bit of aching throughout my body. Muscles that were probably atrophied were now reawakened. Perhaps those plants are helping me to evolve.

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