Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gmail vs Yahoo Mail

These kinds of posts are all over the internet, now here's my take on it:

I'm still not able to decide between Gmail vs Yahoo mail as far as webmail. Looking on the internet for advice is often a big waste of time as many will state one is "better" or one "sucks". Two or three words are often given with no real explanation for their opinion.

Below is a comparison of a few features. Bear in mind that performance can vary, with different versions (that I will bring up a bit also) and different computer setups. I've listed my preferred choice for each feature:

Storage Capacity
Yahoo offers unlimited. Gmail is gradually increasing theirs and currently is at about 7,600 MB. Both seem to have plenty of room for the average user. My current trend of storing emails on line would eventually max out with gmail, but do I really NEED to keep it all? Still, Yahoo's unlimited service helps keep me from cringing if someone sends me a large group of photos or files to review. My choice Yahoo.

System folders / labels
Gmail uses labels where a single email can have multiple labels. It is also fairly easy to create new labels while reading emails. Yahoo has you place your email in a single folder. I find creating and maintaining the Yahoo folders to be more difficult. My choice here is Gmail.

Search function
Yahoo's search function feels downright messy to me. The older Yahoo version (classic mail) had a nice and clean and useful search function. It is still accessible, but you do need to switch your entire email mode to classic and then revert back for the newer working version. Yahoo can search by a partial word. Example: I can search with "prot" to find emails that contain "protoplasm". With Gmail, I need to type out the entire word. Gmail has a clean search function. My choice is somewhat between the two.

Gmail is essentially as you see it. They offer themes that seem to just be background art. Yahoo allows you to change the order of what you see by name, date, and other fields. It allows you to work with one item and open a new tab to work with another. Gmail lets you open new windows for this, but I find it is not as intuitive. My choice Yahoo.

I often read posts stating that Yahoo is buggy, but have never read any detail as to why. I have found a couple things happen to me from time to time. The first thing is that sometimes the searches lock up. The second thing is that the drop down menu list to move emails into sometimes changes. It adds a folder called@C@Chats to my personal folder list. It can move emails there, but not let you view the folder. I often use the folder numbering keyboard shortcut, so many emails that I wanted to go into folder #3 would go into folder #4. Annoying. Lately, I haven't seen the problem occur. My choice Gmail.

Different versions
Gmail only has one version available. Period. Gmail is free. It contains text advertising. Yahoo has a free version that contains graphical ads. It has a paid version where the only ad that appears is on the sign in page. Hard for me to chose on this one.

Well there you have it. I'm still in limbo as to the best choice for me.