Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Why Stress?

I've been 'straight out' the past few days. Every day at work is backed up and full of emergencies of one sort or another-jobs that need to be done NOW. The intricacies of my job become large hurdling fences due to the personalities that persevere there. Often a five minute task takes an hour.

As of late every evening has consisted of chores taking a couple hours out of each of my night. Don't get me wrong, it's a pleasure for me in the sense that I CAN get these things done, I'm just awfully tired by the end of the night.

Sometimes the best medicine is to just sit back and relax. So today, readers for your entertainment I offer you the llama song, a little gem I found surfing the net. It is at:


Sunday, October 24, 2004

Amazing Grace

I went to church today with my family. As we were walking along the sidewalk that led to the building, an older (than me) woman was walking behind us. She was dressed nicely, a bit on the conservative side, wearing something that resembled a vest and she carried a book, perhaps a bible.

She walked leisurely behind us until all of a sudden, she suddenly darted forward and went around us. Shortly after that burst of speed she resumed a normal walking pace. I just grinning, as I found the whole thing rather comical.

We were then going up the steps to enter the church building. The woman with the book simultaneously started going up stairs parallel to us, but on the opposite entrance which was to out side. She was only about a third of the way up and suddenly gave another burst of speed. She simultaneously lost her footing and fell. I normally do not make light of others misfortunes, but this event, perhaps because of what preceded it hit a nerve with me. I started to laugh. And laugh. And laugh. I had to wait a couple of minutes before I entered the building because it was THAT hard for me to retain my laughter.

I guess there is a degree of virtue in being on time for things so that you don't hurry needlessly. This woman, whom I may never see again helped point that out to me. And she did it in an entertaining way. It's funny how our lives touch each other in unforeseen ways.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Roots of Geekdom

I'm often oblivious to traffic that passes me as I drive along the road. Many times family or friends will comment and say they saw me the other day and waved, but seldom will any vehicle in the opposite lane reach my zone of recognition.

On my way to work today a car caught the corner of my eye. Pity that it already sped away before I could get a really good look at it, but it appears to be a beige colored Volkswagen Beetle with colored fenders and an orange, oval shaped logo painted on the door. I think it may have said on it. Now, I'm not trying to advertise the site (as I am ignorant), but what a statement! What better vehicle for a geek to boldly cross the countryside with, but a Volkswagen Beetle. It made such a statement. It also brought a smile across my face. It was like seeing a little tabby kitten walking across the jungle, with his head high, thinking that he was a tiger.

My first car was a Volkswagen Beetle, hrm.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

A Driveway Tour

Used to be I sometimes felt embarrassed over the condition of my yard. While the average American boy next door always has the time to neatly manicure his grass and keep decorative touches in good shape around his house. My lawn's appearance is often comparable to someone with a Mohawk style hair cut, one area neat and trim with a nearby strip jutting skyward. Overall, my yard's look has improved, but then there's the driveway.

My drive way as of late disgusts me. That's right. Why? Well my cat is apparently mighty hunter. Used to be that he'd leave a dead mouse "for me" every other day. Now I've been averaging about two a day. Problem is I ALWAYS have to be on the look out for them, as they will get run over by cars otherwise (yuck). Seems like I always over look one or two as of late, never mind the fact that I'm not always around during convenient times to "pick up".

This morning I discovered something else out there. I had bright red berries all over the foot of the driveway. I realize that they are from my nearby forsythia bush, that only this year started producing them. But I wonder what creature had the motivation to drag them over there.

Life's mysteries.