Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mosquitoes Suck

Mosquitoes suck. There I said it. They bite too. Lately I just want to spend a short amount of time in my backyard but all I do is itch. Really itch. It seems like the mosquitoes are way more aggressive lately than what I can remember previously. I've gone out to my yard during mid-day too. It takes less than a minute to have one on me looking for its next meal. My sister has told me that she to has noted them quite a bit too while mowing her lawn.

It's much more of an issue for me later in the day. I go out and try to pick a few apples off the ground and within seconds several mosquitoes are on me, biting. I go out sometimes covered in extra clothes, but they still get me wherever they are able.

I went out briefly the other evening to just take a look at a fallen tree with a visiting family member and barely stayed out there at all. The bites through my shirt onto my shoulders were just that annoying.

My guess is that this past summer was particularly wet. I've seen a lot of previously unseen mushrooms growing in the yard, backing up this thought.

And then there's the hornets. They usually nest at a certain spot in small numbers. This summer it was about five times that. They were very aggressive too.

Autumn has arrived, so these problems should be gone soon at least.

Monday, September 26, 2011

National Coffee Week

National Coffee Week