Sunday, January 06, 2013


A mineral related writing project renewed.

I make a written record of the minerals that I've collected.  Much of that work goes into 3x5 inch index cards, into a filing system that I've developed.  One of the other things that I would do is record general information about each type of mineral (as opposed to each specimen).  My thought was through the years it might turn into a book or some type of reference material at least.

I would hand type with a typewriter (you may have to look that word up) the information I'd gather, a single sheet devoted to each mineral.  Many of the pages only have a few lines of text.

Later came my awareness of the internet.  It seemed questionable to maintain this part of my system, when a vast larger quantity of information is easily available at the push of a button.  The information that I have gathered looks paltry in comparison. The quality of the paper, type, and hand written notes seem like comical elements
Yet I've decided to continue.  My current plans are to take this information and type it up into a digital document.  The advantage of easily reprinting is great,  so is the ease of future editing.  I am very critical of the poor writing style that I had used, not that this blog is any more elegant.  I'm just far more critical of myself when the word book comes to mind.  Realistically a book may not ever become of this, but I'll be able to learn a bit a long the way.