Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Raindrops On Roses

Ghirardelli came out with this confection that I had just heard of for the first time. Eggnog flavored squares. They are luscious! The tease is that I've had a hard time finding them anywhere, so am guessing that they are being sold as a seasonal item only.

Guess I'll have to ration the small quantity that I do have to myself, so it will last at least through the holiday season. Of course if anyone local happens to come across a store with it is stock, by all means please drop me a line. **G**

I do love the flavor of a good eggnog drink too. I usually limit my drinking of the stuff to only at Christmas time, due to the high calories. When I was a kid, the supermarkets would sell powdered eggnog flavoring that you could add to milk. Was it called PDQ? It no longer seems to exist, though I do search around for it every year or so to no avail. If I could find it, I'd probably drink it year round.


They are Fabulous!