Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mud Wasps

Things occur when basic housekeeping falls too far behind.

Back in November I blogged mentioning how one room had been ignored for too long.  Since then, little has happened.  I entered yesterday wiping away the numerous spider webs in my way, and began by finding a place for some of the things that were simply in the way. I turned to see a surprise stuck to the top of the door.

MI00171 - Muda Wasp Nest

It measured a couple inches across.  I believe it was a nest for some kind of mud wasp.  I did not know if it was live or not, but did not want to have this inside the room.  I grabbed a board trying to scrape it off.  It seemed as hard as concrete.  Some of it finally gave way exposing some of its contents.

MI00172 - Mud Wasp Nest
The above picture is what remained on the door at this point.  Meanwhile some of the floor became littered with the nest fragments. I also spotted something resembling a grub or worm among the fragments.  I continued to scrape until remaining piece of the nest fell down off the door.