Saturday, June 14, 2014

New Addition

It felt something like riding a bicycle when you haven't done so in years: The first few moments are awkward and clumsy as you push forward, not in as direct of a path that you envisioned, but weaving in and out a bit, adjusting to your desired course. Your fine as soon as you get the momentum going.

The feeling was similar to me as I did some thing that I haven't done in years. Years. The event was adding a mineral specimen into the collection.

A piece of fluorite struck my fancy at a mineral show last year. It is a piece of blue fluorite from Alben, France. The shade and color may be the reason I was drawn to it, reminding me somewhat of material that I've seen from New Mexico, although this piece was paler. The French locality did not hurt either.
Fluorite - MIN00086

It did not take me long to record everything into my system. I hand wrote a tag, placed the piece into a tray that was previously readied, and filled out three file cards, as I normally do. This was follow up by the newer things that I do, I enter some general data onto a spreadsheet, and also any pertinent bits of information into a written draft that is slowly becoming a book.