Sunday, December 12, 2010


This is sort of a continuation of two other posts, and yet it is not. You'll see what I mean.

First off you may or may not know of the previous posts regarding my Aunt. The first was titled "A Lamp Story" and was written in 2006. The second, titled "More Than The Lamp Glow" was written nearly a year latter.

After my Aunt passed, I was given a Christmas Cactus plant that belonged to her. I had no desire to acquire it, but being from her, I could get myself to dispose of it. It sat on my porch for a few weeks, and looked weaker and more sickly with each passing day. Much of the plant had turned drab and brown. I felt that it would die soon if nothing changed, but I had no idea what to do. I decided to bring it into the house. In very little time it seemed to flourish. It regained its green color and started growing some.

Over three years have gone by now. I can't believe that it been that long. The cactus has had periods were it does not look all that good, and other times when it seems to be thriving. I've never had any expectations as to how long the plant will survive, but it does revive some of my memories as it sits under the lamp. One other thing, it had never bloomed since I've had it.

I always saw my aunt and uncle on holidays. I so looked forward to seeing them. Christmas time she would make all kinds of deserts and treats. Jello squares in festive red and green. Rich tasting fudge, and (one of my favorites) a pastry that was a small croissant layered with an apple jelly. Thanksgiving morning would often have us sitting in the living room while the Macy's Parade was on television.

Now it's 2010 and the night before Thanksgiving. I walk over to the cactus and have a surprise. Bright pink colored tips have appeared all over one side of the plant.

Christmas Cactus - MI00154

It has all since developed into full blooms. They are beautiful.

Christmas Cactus - MI00155

I'd like to think that the timing was some kind of sign. Realistically, the blooming could be due to the fact that I've significantly lowered my thermostat this winter season. Either way I'm appreciative of its beauty and the timing.