Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pleasant Change

I got yet another glimpse of humanity. I was going to a local convenience store the other day. A guy passed me as he was leaving, just outside the door. He didn't buy anything, I got into the small town store, and picked up my stuff and got over to the check out counter.

The clerk was just around the corner, out of sight, so the place seemed to be without a soul. I placed my things on the counter, seeing a large sign the read "we need pennies" On the counter was a large pile of copper and zinc. There must have been close to ten dollars worth of pennies there.! The clerk arrives and said the guy who just left before was in earlier, saw the sign so just ran in and left the pennies without saying a word. Seeing the anonymous generosity meant a great deal to me on a personal note, even though it really did not concern me directly. Much better than the opposing things that I often see displayed everywhere else. A very pleasant change.