Saturday, November 03, 2012


A hike along some early American ruins.

Bara-Hack is a nickname given to a site located in northeastern Connecticut.  It includes some foundations of a home, a barn, a second home, and a family cemetery.  It has had stories circulating about of ghostly sounds that are heard on the grounds.
The grounds are not normally open to the public anymore,  but I had the luck of hearing about an opportunity to see it with a group.  I probably shouldn't have, but waited until the last minute to decide to go.  I went alone, but certainly was not alone, as the group may have been over a hundred people. 

A woman gave the tour, dressed in period costume telling the history of the families that lived in the original structures from the perspective of one of the family members.  She hopes to write a book on the subject.  A flock of birds flew by as our hike started, they may have numbered as many as us.  The birds made quite a stir and then seemed to settle and blend into some distant trees.

We began our trip into the woods and approached the foundation of a homestead and that of a barn.  Our guide pointed many interesting aspects of its construction, and a lot of family history.


We crossed a brook and eventually got to the foundation of another home.  The well was covered in brush and I got to see the leg of one of the group sink a bit into the hole, but he came up without incident.

We headed back to the first homestead and then on to the cemetery.
I'm sure that I could write much more about this, but this will be it for this post at least.