Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Politically Ignorant

Politically speaking, I am ignorant. Election day was yesterday. I did vote, but I knew next to nothing about most of the candidates. I did lack a desire to look into matters myself, as television ads seem to show candidates who pointed out bad points with their adversaries while saying nothing about themselves.

I never remember which are the red states, which are the blue or what they mean. I don't know what the primary differences are supposed to be between parties. I don't know which is the "Grand Old Party", nor do I know which party is represented by a donkey, or which by an elephant.

Time to learn. I know that these things will take time. I figure if I lack knowledge of all the above mentioned that there may be many others out there in a similar position. So I submit to you my interpretation:

Democratic Party: States that vote primarily Democratic are often labeled as Blue States. The donkey is used as a Democratic symbol.

Republican Party: States that vote primarily Democratic are often labeled as Red States. The Republican Party is often called the Grand Old Party, or G.O.P. The elephant is used as a Republican symbol.

Everything here may be very rudimentary to some, but I figure jotting it down will help me to retain these things, and perhaps it might even be of interest to someone out there.