Sunday, September 20, 2009



I had heard through an email that the annual Scarecrow contest at the Publick House in Sturbridge, MA had begun to set up yesterday. I wanted to get out and unwind a bit before hitting up the bit of yard work that I hoped to do today, so off I went.

Disappointment followed, as it looks like people are not setting up until later. I then decided to head up to Old Sturbridge Village to do mu unwinding there, since it was nearby. The parking lot looked full. I'm glad that there were lots in attendance, but really was hoping for something a little quieter. I decided to head home.

Gee, that didn't happen either as, I quickly changed my plans once more and headed to the Lead Mine in Sturbridge. The area is called Tantiusques, a Nipmuc word that means “to a black deposit between two hills”. The Nipmuc originally mined the graphite here to make ceremonial paints. In 1644 John Winthrop Jr purchased the mine. It was later owned and operated by others into the early 1900's.

I walked along the trail the runs alongside of much of the mine cuts, and later explored new territory for me, discovering another shaft.

I next went exploring further up the road hoping to find the site that had the foundation of the Robert Crowd House. Other families had owned the house through the years, but I thought that Crowd was interesting as he was of African American and Native American ancestry. He was a worker in the lead mine. I did find two sites that had stone resembling what could be the foundations, but have no clue if I found the actual locations. It was exciting just the same.

I've got to stand up now and stop typing now, as I'm a bit uncomfortable. I just realized that there was a rock in my back pocket.