Friday, December 12, 2008

Ever See A Zombie?

Warning - Long Rant ahead:

Things don't always work out precisely as planned My evening out was curtailed with reports of treacherous roads, so I got home earlier than expected last night.

My game plan was to spend about an hour attacking a stack (such an understatement) of mail that has been piling up due to me either being away, or just not wanting to face any of it and now too many days have gone by, turning it into a multilayered monster taunting me with its fierceness, doubting that it can be slain by the likes of me. After my one hour battle, I planned to sit down, relax, and watch an episode of "Ugly Betty" and then head off to bed early, as the past several nights offered little rest.

My plan of attack for the evening became altered yet again, with family arriving. I imagined the paper monster now laughing loudly at me in a tone reminiscent of Jubba the Hut. My time with the family was far more precious to me than my impending battle. We had a nice visit, that kept me from going to arms, and they left just in time for me to catch Betty.

I get to the television only to find that a repeat is on. This gave me the opportunity to go back to my original plan to battle the paper pile. I can say that the monster is far from dead, but I've left him with deep wounds. Translation: I got rid of about twenty percent of it.

It became apparent that I was in need of some good rest last night.
-My eyes would lose focus, and I'd lose interest, when trying to read email.
-My eyes started watering for no other apparent reason
-I walk across the kitchen looking like I was practicing for a part in a zombie movie and knock over one of my holiday decorations to the floor, breaking it

Exhausted I head to bed and try to watch a little television there. Instead of watching something or keep a channel on for background noise, I find myself unable to stay too attentive to anything and constantly flip through channels with the remote. I wind up watching parts of...
-A musical based on "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
...Good music, but I was looking for something else
-Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys
...I love the original story. This one couldn't keep me, but I loved the scene where Clarese first flies
-Twas the Night Before Christmas (Cartoon)..why was it on so late
-Some show where a sex scene almost happens
-Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He was eating a pancreas. Not my thing.
-Star Trek Nemesis. Scene it. Tried not to watch it, but flipped back several times.
Imagine constantly flipping back and forth between all these. No wonder I lacked sound sleep.

I was over tired and overtly busy all day. All I've wanted to do is sleep today. I type this this evening, I've just returned from the store and am now running my coffee maker through it's first cleaning cycle ever. The smell of vinegar is permeating the house. My eyes are heavy, and I'm feeling congested and have a headache. I'll probably give myself another hour and then hit the hay. Tomorrow will be another day.