Saturday, January 12, 2008

2007 Randomly

In 2007 I've learned that I make a wicked good lasagna.

Favorite Movie That I've Never Seen: 300. I've got it on DVD and still just haven't sat down to watch it.

Television: Things that have attention are "Heroes", and "Ugly Betty". I've yet to catch "The Office" but would like to check it out.

Email : with Gmail. I like most of what they offer. Generous space, threading, multiple labeling. I dislike address book and threading (yes I like AND dislike it) Still thinking about if I should change. Also, I like their calendar and google documents.

Internet: Pics: I've been turned on to Flickr, a photo sharing site. The paid version is the one that rocks.

Electronics. I'm now on a first name basis with my nano ipod. I love being able to take those podcasts and music with me. An interface jack for my car would be wonderful. I only have am/fm radio there right now.

Plague: Rock snot. I kid you not.

Notable Wonder of the ancient world. My car. It still runs.

2007 was when my Aunt passed on. She was a very good person. If you know how I speak, this is very high praise.

2007 was the year when Logan was born. We make each other smile. (see note above, again high praise)

2007 Smokey came home and then passed away.

Visited one of my old mineral collecting stomping grounds. Things do change. Everywhere.