Saturday, June 19, 2010

Computer Failure

My computer died. I was sitting at my desk working on some paperwork, while the computer was playing some music. It suddenly all came to a halt. Rebooting got me this diskette 0 seek failure. This was something new to me. Suggestions anyone? I found a few recommendations on line, but they were of little help. I may try one more recently found suggestion over the weekend if time permits.

I had little money invested in the computer, as it was a gift. I didn’t fully realize how dependent on Microsoft windows I was.

-Maintaining two websites
-Running an accounting program
-Maintaining my personal files
-My I-tunes
-My Backup System

I ran out rather quickly to get a replacement, as a website that I maintain needed an update. I picked up a refurbished pc for $100.00 with Windows XP installed. Of course nothing was simple from there. My back up previously ran on a high speed USB connection. Wouldn’t you know it, this new PC had the older, slower USB ports. It took hours. My accounting program would not run without upgrading the XP program.

Reassembling my i-tunes was a nightmare. I’ll blame it on my lack of experience rather than them, but all I can say is wow. I had library files that wound up in duplicate or in triplicate. Only one of them linked to play the music. Delete, delete, delete. My online purchases would not work. I started repurchasing a few. One I even had to do twice. At a later point, the others transferred for free from the i-pd to the i-tunes program. Go figure.

Everything seems to be up and running now. It was quite an education for me. I’ll have TONS of catching up to do (and my experiment more to try and repair the broken pc) I’m good for now, I guess.