Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Why Exactly Did The Orange Slay The Rake?

The Llama Song

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There is a new video game released that has been the cause of some controversy. It is called "JFK Reloaded" apparently the video has a basis in the assassination of John F Kennedy. I can see both sides of the coin:

I can understand why some people are against the distribution of such a video. Some feel that it may encourage violence. Some may find it personally offensive to the individuals involved in the original event, or their family members.

I can understand why others are for the game's production, or have no problem with it. They may feel it's just a game, not real so doesn't matter. That the entertainment value is what matters and the games subject should not be taken in all seriousness.

Video games in themselves are inanimate, they are neither good nor bad, but I feel obsession with these games is not a good thing. Many school kids (and some adults) spend hours on end addicted to video games. I wonder what room that leaves them for personal growth physically and mentally. Am I creating a similar situation in front of my computer as I type this blog? I'll think about that a bit....off line.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Geek in a Bug (part two)

I made mention last month of a Volkswagen with a geek logo on it. I saw another bug (or perhaps the same one) parked near where I work on Friday. I came to find out that it belongs to a company called the Geek Squad. They have a web site at geeksquad.com I envisioned before, not a company, but an individual, some high-tech genius who was on a daily quest with his German steed, showing the world his brand of superiority. Still, I find the vehicles to be a very innovative way to advertise. Got me to look them up, and I did not even have a need for their services.

Monday, November 15, 2004

The Friendly Neighborhood Store

I had some problems a few months ago at our local neighborhood department store (I won't say the name..hehehehe). I went to the store and bought a pair of boots one day and proceeded to the self-check out to buy them. I paid for the boots and was heading out the door, when their alarm system sounded. What an embarrassment. I needed to see stares from several people, and then go back and show employees that I really paid for the boots. They explained to me that certain items prone to high theft are tagged, and so I needed to see a cashier before exiting the store to deactivate the tag. So, how do I really know if my item is tagged, and what is the point of a self-checkout, if I still need to see a cashier.

A few months ago, I again went to buy another pair of boots. This time, rather than take a chance, I went through a cashier so that they could deactivate the alarm tag. Guess what? As I left, the alarm did go off again! I again went through the process and the embarrassment. Funny the cashier makes an error, and I get embarrassed.

I this time let the store manager know. He said he would take appropriate steps to prevent this from happening in the future. Yay!

Sunday, I ran in the the store to pick up a birthday gift. While I was there I also picked up a fairly inexpensive electronic gadget. Well, again the alarm went off as I was walking out! I promised myself that if this happened to me again I would just keep walking and waste their time instead of mine. I did. A gentleman was behind me on the way out, and I believe that because of how I left, he mistaking thought that he set off the alarm, and stopped in his tracks there. Perhaps the sales helped thought he was the person setting off the alarm due to his reaction, as I did not seem to be followed. I was envisioning myself being tackled by several employees and still continuing to walk, dragging them all with me. LOL

I walked casually out and even stopped to chat to my cousin, who was just outside the door. I'm glad that I did not get any hassle from the employees on my exit, and although I took all the time to type out this story here, I wonder if I really should like the manager of the store know what happened. It's kind of ridiculous to have to keep wasting my time due to their procedural problems. I wonder how many people are going through the same thing and not saying anything.

I guess I'm just going to put this aside and not even worry about it any further. They weren't deliberately trying to annoy any one, it just seems ironic in a sense. The store that tried to show so much how it helps the community seems to be actually be disturbing part of the community - me.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Change of Season

While driving to work this morning, I wound up behind a car that was covered with snow. It's too early for that, way too early. It seems that we've just gotten hit by a cold snap reminding us here that November has arrived and winter is not all that far behind.

Part of me wants to turn the heat at home way down to almost nothing, thinking of how much money it would save, and how it might help the environment in some small way.

The other part of me, desiring comfort, simply wants to crank the heat up.

Why is life full of dualities?