Saturday, February 26, 2005

A Mechanic's Lamentation

Upon entering the garage to check in for an auto emissions test, I see the client ahead of me. He is not dressed formally, and looks a bit scruffy. He also sports long hair. He tries to be helpful by telling me where to go to see the serviceman to get my emissions test appointment confirmed and started. The client, Bill next informs me that he doubts his car will pass. He states that he never does anything to take of it. It is old and not in good repair and he only uses it to go to work and back again. 'I just know I should have had a oil change before coming here', he exclaimed. I went outside and waited my turn. My car parked, engine running in the lot, as no parking space was available. Bill finally exits from the building and approaches me. He says, 'I knew I should done the oil change. It makes a difference you know. Now I need to get $650 minimum in repairs before they will pass it. Where am I gonna get $650 from?' I then say to Bill, 'Maybe you call a garage or two in advance. Some know how to adjust the engine so that maybe they can get it to pass for much less.' He then tells me that he is a mechanic. Ugh!

My take on this:
1. Bill knew that if the car fails it could cost an additional $650.00
2. He was sure the car would fail in its current state.
3. Bill believed an oil change would have made a difference between passing and failure.
4. He sees paying $650 as a hardship.
Why didn't he just check the oil and do whatever he knew how to do in advance? Did I miss something here?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

The Truth About Me And Cherries

When I was a kid, cherry was one of my favorite flavors. Cherry candy, cherry gum, cherry soda, even cherry cough drops. Most importantly were the marachino cherries that can out of jar. You could put them on sundaes, or better yet eat them right out of the jar!

I still like cherry, but am no longer drawn to it, like I was as a child. But this weeks discovery is worth noting here on this blog: McDonald's Cherry Pies at room temperature rock!

Above statement duly noted.