Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Bunny

My day ended with a gift. Two "Happy Bunny" figurines, one green and one black. They came out of a gumball machine from a local pizza shop. I secretly (no longer I guess) love the Happy Bunny character. I know he's rude and crude, but I think he's cute and funny. Most of the time I feel what he says is over the edge, but sometimes he seems to reflect what some people might be thinking but won't say out loud.

I bolted down to the pizza shop and asked for a roll of quarters. I wound up spending about six dollars worth of quarters before abandoning my quest.

End result: One purple bunny, and a 1964 silver quarter. Yay!

Happy Bunny 1 -MI001


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why The Helmet?

To answer a question that was asked of me on one my yahoo 360 blog, "Is that you with the helmet on?" Yes (**still blushing**), that is me. Here's how all this came to be:

I thought about myself having red hair. I am (as far as I know) descended of French Canadians. My father's dad had red hair. Most of my family has the stereo type brown or dark brown hair. I mentioned to a friend that I wondered where or how I got the red hair.

Although he didn't know either, he offered the thought that in centuries past it could be that the Vikings ravaged and pillaged northern Europe, included parts of France. Perhaps it had something to do with the Irish (some were known to have red hair). He thought that the Vikings could have intermingled with the Irish and the French. I really don't know, and please forgive my ignorance if anything I'm saying sounds crazy or inappropriate.

I know next to nothing about the Viking culture, but I was enthralled with the thoughts of what things might have been like for my ancestors in days gone by. I currently run my blog over four different services to make it convenient for the people I know to read it. I may eventually bring it all down to one blog, just to make it easier on myself..

So the Viking helmet was done in fun. You may see a bit of Viking like elements elsewhere in my blogs. My original blog (still in existence) is actually Northern way is a good term for me anyway, in a sense, as I am in the Northeastern part of the country. Well I hope I've answered the question.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Yahoo Issues

I made a comment sometime ago at:
Where I was concerned that yahoo was slowly, becoming too advertisement ridden. Now let me make one thing clear. I do not have issues with advertisements displayed with free services. I do have issues when advertisements are flashed at me when I am paying for the service.

If you go to sign up for the Yahoo Mail Plus, the screen states, "no graphical ads" if you click to the next screen it states the same thing noted with asterisks....below the explanation reads "no graphical ads or ads from third parties". I still get the graphical yahoo sponsored ads if I use the "original" webmail version. The "new" bets version currently has none for me with my paid version.

Yesterday, I received an email from AT&T Yahoo Mail. It states that in in May, Yahoo will begin to offer unlimited storage. My current storage capacity is 2GB. Unlimited, sounds awfully generous and appealing, but realistically, I imagine it will take me a very long time to even fill the 2GB limit, and I imagine very few people would even exceed that amount.

The email also sates that within the next few weeks, I will begin to see graphical ads in with my mail. They say that they hope I will find the ads useful and that they keep the prices competitive.

I don't know what these ads will look lie, but needless to say I am unhappy about it. I will wait a short while and see what really happens, but may cancel my account. Let's see.

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