Sunday, March 30, 2008

Archway To My World

Arch - PT00025

I might as well had said "Computer, arch" as the results of my walk today felt like it resembled that, not physically but through the eyes of my memory.

There's an old underpass that I was probably built back in the day of the railroad. I was always fond of the stone arch there and would look for it, when I would have the opportunity to pass by. I decided today to run out and take a snap shop of it. I took a few pictures and then decided to go to a nearby park, just to unwind for a few moments, as the water looked somewhat picturesque.

One thing led to another. I chatted with a couple walking their dogs. There was an interesting footbridge there that crossed the river, so I walked the span. There was a trail that led uphill to what had to be where the original railroad ran, as it was a graveled path with a sharp drop on each side. I explored that a while too.

The view was enjoyable and better than I expected. As I went along, the walk brought back several memories of some places that I've been. Railroad tracks, quarries with lofty views, and mountain ridges, and wonderful countryside all seemed to remind me that I once visited them. My mind replayed some of these adventures. I snapped a few more pictures as I walked and then returned to the park base.

The last picture that I snapped was that of a winding road, that reminded me something out of Oz. Perhaps it was because it seemed to meander carelessly. Perhaps it was because today it was as if I relived several far away trips all in an hour.